Sardinia is almost a continent. You can experience the sea, or rather the seas: the open one of the west coasts, swept by the mistral wind, where the shelters become islands of quiet to admire the sunset and the eastern one, adorned with gulfs, coves, where it is often blowing just a breeze. The one in the South, which looks at Africa and makes you imagine it, and the one in the North that overlooks its sister and cousin island.
But you can also experience the interior, so rich in history, traditions, archaic beauty, hidden between mountains and hills, in the middle of holm oak, cork and chestnut woods or in villages where time has stopped, making the magical, unique, unrepeatable atmosphere.
We would like to introduce you to Sardinia outside the purely summer months, the Sardinia of festivals and religious rites and carnivals, the Sardinia of natural or man-made monuments, the Sardinia of spring where wild nature is fragrant and colorful and of autumn that returns from ocher to deep green!
Did you know that Sardinia is divided into 30 historical Regions, today called sub-regions? Their identity dates back directly to the times of the tribes of the Nuragic civilization and the ancient territories were delimited by the Nuraghe, of which today there are about 7,000. These territories have become administrative and judicial districts under the Giudicati Kingdoms and have survived over the centuries and have maintained the ancient traditions.
The flow of different populations has also led to considerable linguistic and cultural differences and here the language, traditions and customs change from one sub-region to another, often also according to the type of territory. We go from coasts with rocks overlooking the sea to long and sandy beaches, from fertile plains to hilly areas with vineyards and olive trees to enter mountainous areas with thick forests. We therefore have agricultural areas, those with a more pastoral vocation, mining areas that are no longer active or those dedicated to fishing. All these factors have consequently obviously also influenced the traditions in the kitchen, with an incredible diversity of dishes based on fish or meat, typical sweets and many different qualities of bread and pasta.
Traveling the roads of Sardinia will make you discover a succession of panoramas that will leave you amazed, kilometers of deserted roads immersed in peace where you will not meet anyone but a few flocks and then arrive in some ancient village where everyone still knows each other by name and in the evening you can enjoy the fresh air on the street.
But Sardinia is also lively towns with monuments and museums, shops for shopping, sports and outdoor activities and to fill the evenings, trendy clubs where you can meet all year round in the evening for an aperitif, restaurants with tables open in the city or on the seafront which can be visited all year round and the opera house with a top-level musical programme.

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