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Wild encounters

Abruzzo and its nature

“The first half of the territory of the Abruzzo region is occupied by reserves, parks, marine areas, and natural areas. To be more precise, there are three national parks, one regional park, and 38 protected nature reserves here.”

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Abruzzo and the outdoors

“Our region offers breathtaking views of the coast and paths, which can be appreciated by lovers of trekking, cycling, and adventure.”

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Abruzzo Food Experience

Discover unique Abruzzo cuisine with meaty, vegetable and seafood based recipes passed down through generations. 

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People of Abruzzo

“The Abruzzese will make you feel at home by sharing their traditions and habits, awakening your sense of a slow and peaceful life.”

Abruzzo heritage

“Whether you are looking for gastronomic scenes, good wine, history, and art, or magical natural places, Abruzzo is your best choice!”

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